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2 Days 1 Night Lemanak River

The Iban longhouse sits on stilts and normally accommodates the entire village. Unlike the land dayaks, the Ibans or Sea Dayaks position their villages on the banks of accessible waterways. The Ibans are great adventurers and take long sojourns across lands but prefer using the waterways to move about.

Day 1   Semenggoh Orang Utan – Lemanak River

8.00 am Meet our friendly and informative guide at the hotel lobby.  Then proceed to Semenggoh Orang Utan Center.  Semenggoh Orang Utan is the only one of its kind in Sarawak.  Set up in 1975, this 7.4 sq km of virgin forest is home to orang utans.  This endangered species of Southeast Asia’s lone great ape genus, the orang utan is typically a bashful creature, yet when you visit Semenggoh.  Additionally, these orang utan spend most of the time oraging for food in the shelter of trees, creating your best chance to catch a glimpse.  On this tour you will get the rare opportunity to observe these primates and their behavior, emotions and interactions.

Then proceed to Serian Town.  Upon reaching Serian Town go visit the multi races market.  It is a unique and colorful market.  Where the native people selling jungle products and produces, home-makes handicraft.  Local and imported vegetables, fruits, meats, fresh fishes and many more.

Then the journey continue to Lauchau Town for lunch and also buy gifts for the longhouse folks.  On the way you pass through padi field, pepper farm, rubber, cocoa, oil palm plantation and forest and also villages and small town.  We will make stop at one of the pepper farm where the guide will highlight to you about the pepper and also some of the plants that the local uses for cooking before stopping for lunch.

After lunch proceed to Lemank River.  Upon reaching the Lemanak River bank hop into the Iban Longhouse and proceed to the Iban longhouse (about 45 minutes boat ride). Arriving at the longhouse, you will be welcome with a glass of home make rice wine (Tuak).  Inside the longhouse you are free to tour around and takes photos.

Dinner will be served.  After dinner then that is where the activities start.  You will be serve with the rice wine and will be entertain with Iban warrior performance.  After the performance, you will be invited to dance with the dancers.  At the moment you be entertained by the people and learn more about their life style living in the longhouse and also about their culture.  Then retire to bed.  (sleeping facility is very basic)


Day 2   Lemanak River – Kuching City

After breakfast, tour the longhouse and buy souvenir before leaving the longhouse.  The Iban will demonstrate the use of blowpipe where in the olden day how they go hunting with  a blowpipe.

Then proceed the same route back to Kuching City.  En-route will stop for lunch before reaching Kuching.

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Duration: 2 Days 1 Night Stay in the Iban Longhouse
Rate: RM780.00 per adult
Child: RM450.00 per child (4 – 11 years) below 4 years old free
Inclusive: Transportation (SIC), Guide, Entrance Fee as per itinerary, longhouse stay
& activities
Exclusive: Personal Travelling Insurance, Expenses, Alcoholic & Juice Beverages,
Tipping & Longhouse Gift.

What to bring:
Sunhat, sunblock cream, mosquitoes repellent, energy bars, extra drinking water, toiletries and towel, if possible wear water proof shoes.
Recommended to put your personal belongings in a small backpack/sling pack and it is advisable to put all your important documents in a water proof plastic wrap.

K. L. Tours & Transport shall not be responsible for and shall not incur any liability for transport delays, changes or cancellation resulting from the Acts of God, weather, traffic, airport conditions, strikes, flood or any other causes, additional expenses or loss of vacation incurred. The company reserves the right to alter or cancel routes, amends any of the arrangement contained in the itineraries when deemed necessary for the best interest of clients.

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