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Kuching City Tour

Kuching prides itself on being one of the most multi-racial cities in Malaysia. What makes Kuching City unique from other towns in Sarawak. The people doest not reflect the true demography of the whole of Sarawak.

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Kuching – Once the capital of the White Rajah of Sarawak, now with a population of more than 600,000.  Kuching is small enough to walk around but interesting enough to keep you there for several days and a good base for exploring Sarawak.  The people of Sarawak take pride in being the cleanest City of Malaysia and their diverse cultures, so is prepared for a totally experience from that of West Malaysia.

This comprehensive tour where you can see places of attraction around this historical city.  This tour beings with a drive to see South City Hall and a visit to the photoes gallery about the historical and modern City of Kuching.  The gigantic Cat Status (moscot of the city) at Padungan before cruising through Chinatown and stop at the oldest Chinese Temple then at Sarawak Museum, which is acknowledge as one of the finest in the world.  It is a treasure house of artifacts and exhibits which possess great archaeological and cultural significance.  Then continue passing through the Syariah (Muslim) Court, Satok and also the Malay Village which the houses built on stilts and passing through the magnificent looking Mosque built along the river bank.  A brief stop at the waterfront / main bazaar – over looking at the old Colonial Law Court and across the river, is a good view of the Majestic Astana (1870) – former palace of the White Rajah and the imposing State Assemble Building before returning to the hotel.


Kuching City Tour

Tour Inclusive of:
Transportation (SIC)
Entrance Fees

Exclusive of:
Personal Expenses
Personal Travelling Insurance
Alcohol, Carbonated Drink, Juice & Snacks Tipping for guide / driver

Tour Rates : RM 70.00 / Adult (Min. 2 Adults to go)
4 Adults and above special discount will be given
Duration : 3 Hours

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